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Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day



As Mother’s Day is fast approaching, we want to help you give them the best day that they deserve. Mother’s Day is the one day in the year that encourages all Mother’s to take the day off and put their feet up. Any day and at any time, our Mother’s are on hand to help us, care for us, spoil us and cook and clean up after us at one point or another. This is the day to return the favour in any way you know how.

For many Mother’s, it’s not about the most expensive restaurant you can take them to or who buys them the biggest bunch of flowers. It’s about taking time from your busy lives to just spend time with them and spoil them in any way you can. Many people book a restaurant for the occasion. However, there is nothing stopping you from treating them to a home cooked meal. Enlist your Dad or siblings in the preparations and you’ll have it done in no time. She’ll appreciate your efforts.

Now as we all know, Irish Mammies love a nice dessert to top off their Sunday dinner. So why not treat them to our Tipperary Pavlova? Don’t fret, it couldn’t be easier to make and it won’t take up much of your time. It’ll also look like you spent all morning in the kitchen… (We won’t tell if you don’t).1g2b8410

Ingredients/ Utensils:

1 pack of The Tipperary Kitchen’s Marvellous Meringues (Choose from Plain, Truly Berry, Blissful Chocolate and Zingy Lemon)

Whipped Cream

Fresh berries of your choice

Tub of Butterscotch sauce

Dessert plate


Spread some whipped cream down the centre of your dessert plate

Add a generous serving cream to one side of each Meringue shell

Sandwich all 6 Marvellous Meringues together

Place on the bed of cream on your dessert plate

Decorate your Tipperary Pavlova with your fresh berries

Heat your Butterscotch sauce (take the lid off) in the microwave for 10 seconds

Drizzle the Butterscotch sauce over your Pavlova

Enjoy! ☺


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