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201702 Meringues Bubbly Choc Straw

Hands up who’s freaking out because Tuesday is Valentine’s Day? Yes people! Tuesday!

Cupid is on duty this coming week as men and women worldwide prepare to lavish their significant others with chocolates, flowers and gifts. With over 150 million cards exchanged annually, it seems Saint Valentine really left his stamp on all you loved-up couples.

Here’s a quick recipe to add the finishing touch to your Valentine’s evening.

For dessert:

2 portions of Truly Strawberry Marvellous Meringues

A handful of fresh strawberries covered in chocolate of your choice

Freshly whipped cream

A well-deserved glass of bubbly


Lightly whip the cream

Melt the chocolate over strawberries, refrigerate for an hour

Put a spoonful of cream on each meringue

Decorate with the chocolate covered strawberriesIMG_4753

And Voila!

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