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Plain Marvellous Meringue Dessert with a Lemon Twist!


Lent is over !! Time for a treat.

So we are almost at the end of Lent already, the torture is nearly over! Many of us started off these 7 weeks with great intentions to give up sweets, drink etc. However, it takes great dedication to last the full 40 days. So for those of you who have succeeded this far in your mission, we feel you all deserve a treat!

This dessert has a fresh spring feel to it, that’s so easy to put together. We have come up with this simple and super tasty dessert to tickle your taste buds! This dessert will quench your desires for something sweet and tide you over until Easter Sunday! The Splurge!

We give you our Plain Marvellous Meringue Dessert with a Lemon Twist! Head to the Food Academy section of your local SuperValu to stock up on The Tipperary Kitchen’s products and any other ingredients you need for this delicious dessert.


  • Original Holycross Marvellous Meringues

  • Crossogue Preserves lemon curd

  • Whipped cream

  • Fresh Raspberries

  • Almonds

  • Serving Glass


Crush the meringues, wash the raspberries and whip the fresh cream.

Begin layering the dessert glass with the crushed meringues, followed by a dollop of lemon curd, cream and raspberries. Continue this process until your glass is full; garnish your dessert with roasted almonds for the perfect topping. Enjoy!

If you need some help perfecting that table setting, click here!


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