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Marvellous Meringues

Marvellous Meringues



We love our meringues just the way granny used to make them – with fresh free range egg whites and slow

baked in the bottom oven of the Aga. We may have outgrown the Aga but we still take it nice & slow!

Have you tried our Marvellous Meringues? They come in four fantastic natural flavours;

Beautifully Original

Truly Strawberry

Zingy Lemon

Blissful Chocolate

With more coming soon!


Our Truly Strawberry Meringues, used to create the perfect centerpiece ‘The Tipperary Pablova’! Such a stunning dessert for any occasion.

Find them in your local Supervalu (€3.99 per pack of 6) or take a look at our list of stockists around the country. For recipe inspiration you can check out our blog.






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